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EcCare Health Centers provide Return to Work Evaluations in order to obtain valuable information for each of your employees that is returned to duty. These examinations are on an appointment only basis. Please contact Violet Guerrero by e-mail or call 972-659-1234 to schedule you with one of our physicians. Please take a look at the list below for some of the things we will need to make a good judgment for you and your employee. We also may need to perform some testing in order to gain assurances that your employee is ready for full duties.

  • Please give us the job description of your employee's position. If you do not have a job description then give us reasonable estimations of the maximum amount of work by way of the weight in pounds that might have to be lifted as well as the length of time your employee is required to work at a constant rate. If you are not sure of these items give us a call so we can arrange for a telephone interview with one of your supervisors.

  • Please give us a copy of your employee's release to work. If your employee has been off work related to an injury or illness that is being managed by a physician we may need to contact his physician or even review his hospitalization in order to provide an independent judgement of your employees abilty to perform the job requirements satisfactorily.

  • What can you expect to happen during this evaluation ?

  • Review of Medical History (including past illnesses, surgeries and hospitalizations), Current or Chronic Health Problems, General Health and Well-Being.

  • A Physical Examination that is tailored to the causes of being off work as well as the employees capacity to perform job requirements.

  • A Job Performance Assessment (JPA) may need to be performed if your emmployee's recovery has been prolonged or if the injury or illness caused significant compromise of his health. A JPA is not a Functional Capacity Exam (FCE). A JPA includes physical testing and is designed from the job description and is created by our Occupational Therapist to test your employee's capability to perform the job requirements as well as to test his endurance to perform over the time required by his position. An FCE is designed to test the capacity of a body part or system but most of the time an FCE is not designed to evaluate the employees ability to perform a job function.

  • Upon completion of this evaluation you can expect a professional report containing the data used to make a judgment as well as the conculsions by the physician as well as any concerns that need to be monitored. Your report can be e-mailed, faxed or delivered via the US postal system.


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