Dear Ms. *********,

When we conclude a case for you, the patient's MMI (date of maximum medical improvement) is printed on the Work Status Report, the Provider's Notes, and the CMA1500 bill that is submitted to your insurance company. This means the MMI should appear three different places.

Also we try to estimate a reasonable time for the MMI on each DOP (Documentation of Procedures) that the provider creates as his notes. This estimate is in the "Prognosis" section. You should see an estimate of the provider's expected duration of care. This estimate has very little meaning at the beginning of case because it is impossible to know what complications might occur. However, as the case matures this estimate becomes more realistic which gives you a good idea of what the provider is anticipating.

We try to give you information in our DOP's that will satisfy your potential questions without the need of a telephone call, however if you still have questions don't hesitate to give us a ring.

Gregory P. Ennis, M.D.
Medical Director
EcCare Health Centers